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Mission Statement


Focus on quality, customers and think long-term.

We believe that only who provides their customers with products and services that truly understand their needs will be successful in long-term. At Duse we carefully listen to our customers and understand their unique requirements. We observe the present market environment and look ahead to identify future changes, chances and challenges.


Nuts is a trustworthy partner for all of its stakeholders: customers, end-users of its products, suppliers, employees and shareholders. Our products withstand the test of time. We constantly keep questioning the status-quo to improve ourselves, improve our partners' experience and drive innovation.


Our Values

In all our business activities we embrace our core values:


Quality: We manufacture high quality and durable products.

Integrity: We are real and stand by our word.

Dedication: We believe in our mission and pursue the best possible results.

Passion: We love what we are doing.

Innovation: We constantly question and improve.

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Tel: +86 757 88580858


Add: 315, Building C, 310 Hebin North Road, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong China 528000