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Quality Policy


Meeting Standards, Exceeding Expectations.

Nuts ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMER are being distributed worldwide. Constantly high quality is a crucial factor in achieving long-term success. We have introduced a strict quality policy which covers our entire business activities.


Meeting standards, exceeding our customers’ expectations, constantly improving our products and services are at the core of our quality policy. We understand quality as the result of the constant pursuit of exceeding expectations. This starts from selecting suitable suppliers, careful planning and executing manufacturing procedures, stringent quality control routines, careful packing as well as responsive customer support.


Customer Satisfaction

When designing and engineering products nothing matters more than the opinion of the people who are eventually going to use them: the end-users. Our products meet all required legal standards in place in the destined target market. We listen to our customers’ wishes and requirements to create well engineered, carefully manufactured and reliable products which meet their requirements and exceed their expectations. Responsive and professional customer support is essential in gaining and keeping our customers trust.


Quality built into our products

Products of constantly high quality withstand the test of time and create the basis for long term success and growth. We are aware that our business’ future depends on products’ quality. Stringent quality management routines ensure that all products leaving our product facilities comply with our high standards.

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Tel: +86 757 88580858


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